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The site is --- mainly ---- a very personalized perception of bits and pieces of news and views on issues of local interest or concern from around the general Belfast area, some other parts of Ireland and across the world - particularly those countries experiencing oppression in its various formats.

If you are interested in conventional politics (and I use the world loosely) and/or debate around a variety of issues which range from our individual and collective perceptions and beliefs, touches on generalised theoretical assumptions about human behaviour through to the problems associated with the possibility of real structural socio-economic and political change in our insane world then you might find something here of interest - or annoyance.

There are some personal writings across a range of issues on the site and other writers and artists sometimes share their works and hopes here so if you would like to include some of your own writings, music and/or poems or would like to comment on the writing of others then you might find something here which is of interest to you .

We also share a bit of craic about
Irish traditional music ...and touch on the relationship to other cultures.
Alternatively you can check out the various page links across the site which relate to many of the issues referred to above.
Please feel free to comment or contribute to the discussions. It will be much appreciated. You can contact us via this E-mail address